主演:玉山铁二 池内博之 佐久间由衣 小雪 阵内孝则 小林薰 光石 

导演:星野和成 中前勇儿 


大手在京新聞社・大和新聞の経済部に勤める松岡直樹(玉山鉄二)は、1年という約束で政治部への異動を告げられる。「港区の埋立地で金庫が発見されましたが、近藤官房長官はどう感じられましたか?」初めての官房長 详情

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In four consecutive postseason series is the SAN Antonio spurs knocked out, the phoenix SUNS distance closer revenge opponents. In the third war away after the successful beat the spurs, has been always score 3-0 victory away from their leader Steve Nash's contribution.Because goran Della salihamidzic performance, Nash today only 34 minutes, he made six of 14,The NBA Jersey emperor variable superman, four free throws had 16 points, eight rebounds and six assists, and he balanced team performance on offense, more important is Nash led his team, they start smoothly through the crisis in depth.Two games behind the spurs win at home, they show the abnormal behave positively, this lets them quickly light-hitting lead. In the first half at spurs had 18 points, leading the momentum can rival didn't defeat the SUNS, Nash led his team-mates survived kick-off the difficult times. Although in the first half of Nash to shoot, but he is very good to control the tempo of the court, he passes to Jason Richardson, granger hill created good shots, because the two in attacking performance, the SUNS in the first half we slowly nibbled competitors,NFL jerseys On Sale, they took the lead in SAN Antonio.When both sides of air again, the spurs, the defensive intensity fell to the Nash larger play space in the third quarter, he provoked lead on offense. This section Canadian scored 13 points, he blew the trumpet another offensive, because of the single section outstanding attack Steve Nash, the SUNS didn't by SAN Antonio's another round in the apex, they run before sitting behind rivals 1 at the end.In team start circumstance, Nash helped the team to stand up, his stable today played an anchor back there, he composed and attack group to help the SUNS in the road success dissolve. The victory changed people over the past few seasons for the SUNS, they have the future will no longer afraid of rhythm control, the spurs now because of the SUNS, they can quickly can no longer rely solely on the offensive and the change of pace, weight nature is the offense "engine" Nash.As the core,wholesale jerseys, with the time and Steve Nash spurs series to his side,Authentic NBA jerseys, he hit the outside of the question, he proved his conscience is the union of the first point guard. Steve Nash had many person gives due to the SUNS running, and in the playoffs, the value of his big playoff record before the SUNS and support for this view. But in this season, but let Nash's performance after the establishment of the question to him, even if the SUNS will no longer be dragged half-court defense, Nash still can well organized the offense, he can maintain a high score rate, in the playoffs, they will have the Portland trail blazers and spurs into disrepute, prove that Steve Nash led halfcourt offense is the same league top level.In a controlled under the condition of attack Steve Nash, the SUNS other players only pre-occupied finally getting on that they can play a more focused. Three successive victory over the SAN Antonio spurs, SUNS, the way to the other side of the playoffs announced that they are still season championship contender, despite their squad entities, but the SUNS and cannot be neglected, because they have Nash.